Joe and Spuds Assault Beak

Joe Camel and Spuds MacKenzie with A Beak, Talons, and etc: How the NRA Conspires with the Alcohol and Tobacco Industry to Market Guns to Kids

Key Findings

As Violence Policy Advocates, evidence shows that NRA members are Tea Party Insurrectionists Extremist Gunophile Fetishists. The primary goal of the NRA is to sell guns to everyone and hand out concealed carry permits to crazy people. Their Eddie Eagle program is used to sell guns to kids in a similar fashion to the tobacco industries “Joe Camel” and alcohol industries “Spuds MacKenzie” programs. These youth programs are actually marketing tools that use cartoons to sell kids.

Gun Policy Center research has revealed that you can donate money to the NRA when you buy things from their Partners: Arsenal, Inc.; Benelli; Beretta USA Corporation; Browning; DPMS Panther Arms; FNH USA; Glock, Inc.; H&R 1871, LLC; Marlin Firearms; Remington Arms Co., Inc.; SIGARMS, Inc.; Smith & Wesson Corporation; Springfield Armory; and, Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc. so don’t buy anything from them! This money is then used to fool kids.

Gun Policy Center research reveals that the tobacco and alcohol industries are working in conjunction with the NRA firearm industry to lobby and spin information. Undercover camera footage shows these “Merchants of Death” commiserating over the difficulty of their mission to overcome the marketing problems being faced by their organizations today and collaborating on tactics even though guns, tobacco, and cigarettes cannot legally be sold to kids.

Links to footage:

Link 1

Link 2

Link 3

Link 4

Link 5

Link 6

Link 7

Link 8

Link 9

Gun Policy Center health researchers have found that all guns are unsafe and cause death and injury. The only step that can be taken to prevent guns from causing injury or death is to Dis the Deadly Myths and Reclaim the Constitution by proposing sensible and reasonable policies that register and eventually disarm the public though no one is talking about handgun bans.


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