Coalition to Stop Guns Video Release!

January 20, 2012

No video has ever been able to provide a catharsis for the Holocaust that is the Gun Fetish of Americas NRA Tea Party Extremist Insurrectionists, and we suspect none will ever be able to provide one. Such subjects overwhelm art. The artist’s usual tactic is to center on individuals whose lives are a rebuke to the tragedy. They sidestep the actual event and focus on a parallel event that ends happily, giving us a sentimental reason to find consolation. That is small comfort to the dead.

“How Many?” tells the story of the aftermath of the NRA Extremist Gun Fetish. What do we learn during this quest? That more than 30,000 may have died yearly in “Wild West” type shootouts or to compensate for some other shortcoming? That those listed form a cross-section of the world? That life goes on?

We learn that though the challenge is great, by lighting a candle you can amplify our voices and grow stronger in number, courage, and creativity, and end guns violence, now.


Go Coalition!


Attracting People to Our Cause: A study on using popular subject matter to gain support.

January 17, 2012


Legislators at every level can Dis the Deadly Myths, Close the Gender Gap, and Reclaim the Constitution by proposing sensible and reasonable policies that register and eventually disarm the public though no one is talking about handgun bans. But before they can undertake this task, they must acquire and retain popular support of the people who will favor common sense and reasonable gun prohibitions.

There are obvious benefits in taking advantage of high profile incidents that involve guns and using them to get media time for our cause. Since media outlets will be extensively covering these events in order to sell advertising, there is an opportunity to get exposure for your grassroots organization by providing statements as subject matter experts to these media outlets. These incidents prove popular in the comments sections of several web sites as well so writing op-eds and opinions for media outlets can create exposure for your cause and drive traffic to your web site.

Another popular subject that gains public attention is the NRA and the exposure of the NRA Tea Party Extremists Insurrectionists. In an effort to be thorough, media outlets often go directly to the NRA for comments when one of their members use a gun to have “Wild West” type shootouts over a parking spot or to compensate for some other shortcoming. Since the media is fair and balanced concerning guns, they also will reach out to Violence Policy Experts to get the real story. Writing articles that expose the tyranny of the NRA has proven to be popular in comments sections as well.


The Gun Policy Center recently undertook an exhaustive scientific study to gauge the popularity of articles concerning Violence Policy on Internet web sites. These articles were those written by Gun Policy Experts: Josh Sugarmann (Violence Policy Center), Josh Horwitz (Coalition to Stop Gun Violence), Dennis Henigan (Brady Campaign), and Paul Helmke (Brady Campaign). By tracking the comments sections of these article, we were able to gauge the popularity of the article by the amount of comments on each article.

The following chart shows the comments per article by the authors starting in July of 2010 to January of 2012, the last date for which data was available at the time of this study. The chart shows conclusively that articles that use high profile incidents or expose the tyranny of the NRA gain the most comments.

Josh Sugarmann
In the time period, Josh Sugarmann penned 20 articles on various subjects. The top two articles were on the subject of the Gabrielle Giffords tragedy and on the evil of the NRA. These articles gained 1,463 and 510 comments respectively versus just 8 comments on background checks and 6 on gun sales.

Josh Horwitz
During the same time period, Josh Horwitz wrote 20 articles on various subjects and his story on the NRA gained 1,758 comments versus just 37 comments on his article about calling people Nazi’s.

Dennis Henigan
Acting President of Brady Campaign and heartthrob Dennis Henigan penned 21 articles during the time frame. His two articles on the evils of the NRA and one article on the Norway shooting totaled 4409 comments versus just 235 comments from his two articles covering candles.

Paul Helmke
Former President of the Brady Campaign and Gun Policy powerhouse Paul Helmke wrote 20 articles during the time frame and his articles on the NRA and the Virginia Tech shooting (1,242 and 842 comments) far exceeded his articles on ATF laws and Plaxico Burris (28 and 8).


Though there are many messages that you can use to affect Violence Policy, the most popular by far are tragic and high profile events as well as exposure of the NRA Tea Party Extremists. Data conclusively suggests that you focus on these stories for your efforts to gain popular support and to end guns.

GunBanner Joins GPC Board!

December 19, 2011

Washington DC, December 19th, 2011

The Board of Directors has appointed GunBanner to the Board effective December 19th, 2011. GunBanner has proven himself as a valuable member of the Gun Policy Center serving as a leading Violence Policy Advocate. We are all looking forward to his insight and input in Gun Policy Center management.

Thank you GunBanner!

GunBanner Named Spokesperson for the Million Mums March

December 5, 2011

Washington DC, December 5, 2011

Steeped in Violence Policy heritage, The Million Mums March is proud to announce that Violence Policy star, GunBanner, as the March’s new spokesperson. Gunbanner will appear in all television spots illustrating the March’s trendsetting style. The commercials will demonstrate that with grace, confidence, Mums you can overcome all obstacles and reach your final goal. “I’m looking forward to working with The Million Mums March, and am proud to be involved with a classic grassroots organization, known for its performance, elegance and style,” noted GunBanner. He will also promote the Mums in print ads appearing in civilian disarmament magazines. V.P. of Marketing for the Million Mums March noted, “Having an individual of GunBanners profile represent Million Mums will serve as a huge asset for the us. His mix of athleticism and style will help us to reach out to Mums, while bringing the March back to its Gun Policy.” In addition, GunBanner will make personal appearances for the March and wear March apparel for all of his appearances.

The Future of Gun Policy

September 9, 2011

Gunbanner pens another legal history of the Second Amendment:

Legal Report

This is a great profile of Future Gun Policy.

A Modern Legal Analysis

August 23, 2011

Many thanks to the Legal Community Against Guns for clearing up the definition of the Second Amendment in this modern age.

Modern Analysis

GunBanner Finds Propaganda

August 8, 2011

Lies and Exaggerations are not good gun policy. Hat Tip to GunBanner!

Investigateve Report

Making Good Gun Policy

July 13, 2011

Most Prolific Gun Banner 2011 and Leading Violence Policy Advocate, GunBanner, has put together a list of the AWESOMEST Reasonable Common Sense gun restrictions that prevent violence. Showing once again, why he’s the best. Nice work. Nice indeed.


Congratulation to GunBanner!

July 11, 2011

Coalition To Stop Guns Honors Our Heroes!

GunBanner Nominated!

June 1, 2011

The Coalition to Stop Guns today announced the date and location of their First Annual DC Gala to award and honor the Most Prolific Gun Banners of the Year. Nominees include Paul Helmke and Dennis Henigan of The Brady Campaign, Josh Horwitz of The Coalition To Stop Gun Violence, Josh Sugarmann of The Violence Policy Center and GunBanner of The Coalition To Stop Guns!

The Event will be held on July 4th, 2011 at the luxurious back room of the Woodbridge Denny’s with a group rate available at the nearby Woodbridge Holiday Inn Express.

Congratulations to the Nominees!